The Pearl

So there's this outfit I absolutely love to wear... my basic white tee (Target thank you) and destroyed boyfriend fit jeans (HM I love you!). Add a pair of Converses or a fun pair of flops and there I am. Basic, simple, neutrals, voila. Took me forever to find the most perfect jeans and tee, but I found it. And now I make sure that I have at least two of those tees and jeans in all different colors of the same fit.

Of course I love the glamorous life too; a little black dress or outfit with 50 shades of grey (see what I did there?) and I am a happy camper. If its got a pop of glitter or I can add my pearls to it, its even more perfect. + red lipstick and I'm in Hollywood.

Hi. I'm Sesley. I'm the Pearl. A lover of all things basic, neutral, chic, glamorous yet somehow simple, and classic.

White tee? LBD? Black leggings? Blue jeans? Classics. Items you MUST have in your closet. Items you aren't sure how you would get through your week without.

Us Pearls try to switch it up a bit; add in a pop of color here and there with a little sparkle or maybe a darker shade of red lip. But other than that, we are pretty predictable. Classic, staple pieces. Once you find them, you hold onto them forever.

We have to be best friends with a Mint. They push us to try new things, branch out of our norm, add a little more color to this life of ours.

Next week we will meet the Mint and what makes her unique. Until then...

Stay classy, babe!