the pearl and mint team

Pearl and Mint is an online womenโ€™s boutique based out of the Queen City. We are a basic shop with a trendy pop, catered to the girl next door mixed with her best friend, the eclectic visionary. All clothing and accessories are handpicked by two best friends from California based vendors with west coast inspired style.


sesley larson,

the pearl 

Maryland native. Charlotte obsessed. Wifey, new mommy to Penelope, and dog mom to Theo. Love all things fashion related, traveling, and of course iced espresso.

Favorite place? LA.

Favorite quote? "Never frown, you never know who is falling in love with your smile."

Favorite Sbux drink? Venti Starbucks doubleshot on ice with no classic syrup, sub 2 pumps white mocha, extra ice, no cream.

About "The Pearl"

Pearls are staple, basic pieces in a woman's wardrobe that can be paired multiple times with multiple things. Pearls can be rare finds; like that pair of leggings that fit just perfectly, or those basic jeans that you wear all the time. Once you find a pearl, you will never let it go. Or you will just stock up on them in more than one color. 



samantha walsh,

the mint

Broadway musicals and movies, traveling and dreaming, all sorts of fashion, and a coffee with white mocha keep Sam on her toes. And of course her little one, Liam.

About "The Mint"

The color mint is vibrant, different, and when added to a neutral outfit, adds a "pop". The Mint is a trendy piece that is needed in every girls wardrobe to empower them to be bold and different. A bright piece of jewelry, fun colored pump, or form fitting dress with a pattern can be your mint. You love to stand out in the crowd as a mint piece, always daring for something extraordinary.

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